About Us


Residentia Group was formed in Australia by a passionate team of experienced appliance industry and retail executives.


Privately owned, Residentia Group is an Australian company which was established to develop functional, feature-rich products, tailored to the Australian household. 

Working with leading European design houses, we are committed to ongoing research and development, ensuring our products are not only at the forefront of technological advances but are also built to last.

Our Belief

We were founded with the belief of doing things differently; of reshaping the appliance industry and ensuring our products are improving day-to-day life. 



Behind all of our products is a real household with real human needs. From the kitchen, through to the laundry, we understand the nature of modern Australian lives.



From range creation to brand building, our focus is always on quality & the environmental impact


Range Creation

Residentia have a proven capability to build and source product ranges to suit customer segments from Entry Price through to the Premium segment, based on our customers required positioning. The team have extensive sourcing experience and have established global sourcing partnerships across Europe and Asia.

brand building

The Residentia team have a history of building brands for some of the countries largest retail and commercial businesses, including The Good Guys, Reece Plumbing and Masters Home Improvement. Our team works closely in collaboration with our partners to build a brand to suit their specific target consumer.


Quality Assurance

The Residentia team are committed to ensuring that all products meet and exceed required standards and approvals. With inspection teams on the ground in all countries of manufacture, all production is audited prior to shipment. The Residentia team also work closely with our manufacturing partners, utilising a system of continual improvement

Environmental awareness

Residentia aim to meet the highest industry standards when it comes to our product performance for Energy and Water Efficiency ratings. Wherever possible, we are committed to working with our manufacturing partners to improve our product performance and understand our obligation when it comes to reducing the impact of appliances on the environment. 



Residentia Group are Customer Obsessed

We place the highest importance on exceeding our customers’ expectations and offer a comprehensive Customer Care Program across all of our brands. We see the value of providing exceptional service for our customers long term and understand the importance of managing after sales service in a timely and efficient manner.



The Group Globally

In 2017 Residentia Group expanded to the United Kingdom. Our UK branch has a multi channel strategy working with leading brands, large retailers, distributors, commercial home builders and the DIY sector. Our teams local knowledge and market expertise has a proven history of identifying gaps in the market and utilising our manufacturing network to fill gaps.

Residentia HK is responsible for QC & Sourcing. The office is lead by Michael Christofi (Product Director), Joanna Chen (product and Sourcing Mg) and Jackie Li (QC Manager). 


B. HK Office

A. UK Sales Office, Cambridge